• front of stratford high

    The faculty and staff at Stratford High School work diligently to serve approximately 2,400 9th-12th grade students. At Stratford, we strive to meet each student’s needs and we are proud of our diverse student body. Stratford’s team consists of 175 certified and 44 classified staff members who are devoted to provide our students the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve a successful adulthood. The dedication of teachers and staff, commitment and support of the community, and both academic and athletic achievements of the students, have driven us to unparalleled status in the district and state.

    The goal of our curriculum is to provide our students the opportunity to develop their individual talents and passions.  We focus on putting the student’s interests first, and offer many specialized programs to fulfill each students desires. The specialized programs offered at Stratford include the following:  Automotive Technology; Biomedical Science; Broadcast Journalism; Computer Science; Culinary Arts; Baking and Pastry; Health Science; Engineering; Business Management Administration; Art; Marketing.

    In addition to maintaining our academic excellence and career focused instruction, students engage in community service and leadership opportunities through athletics, fine arts, JROTC, National Honor Society, Beta Club, and other clubs, to name a few.

    Our continued vision is to challenge and empower our students to be successful in a highly competitive world.  Therefore, it is imperative that we make every effort to hold our students to high expectations in order to surpass these standards and build upon our accomplishments.

    As a result, of involved parents, business partners, devoted teachers, and conscientious students who all understand the value of public education, Stratford will continue to foster life-long learners and cultivate the legacy of success within the community it serves.

Alma Mater & Fight Song

  • Alma Mater

    All hail thee mighty Stratford!

    Together we shall stand!

    We’ll show our pride and spirit

    To all throughout the land.


    With hopes to last forever

    As many years go by.

    We’ll be forever faithful.

    All hail thee,

    Stratford High!



    Fight Song

    Hail to the Knights of Stratford!

    Hail to the Conquering Heroes!

    Hail, Hail to Stratford High!

    The Leaders and the Best!



    Hail to the Knights of Stratford!

    Hail to the Conquering Heroes!

    Hail, Hail to Stratford High!

    For Victory is our Quest!