• front of st stephen middle

    St. Stephen Middle School is helping all students develop the World Class Skills of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate by providing a safe, nurturing and an engaging learning environment. We are committed to addressing the academic needs of the students along with their social, emotional, and physical needs.  In support of this commitment, teachers and staff receive continuous professional development. We expect success for all of our students.

    Our teachers understand the importance of providing quality instruction for our students. Best practices and instruction that actively engages the students are evident in the classrooms, such as: the integration of technology, STEM based lessons, PBL (project based learning), collaborative groups, blended learning, and research-based literacy and math instruction.

    In addition to academic programs, we offer other programs to enhance the social and emotional development and intellectual growth of our students.  St. Stephen Middle students are learning to become good stewards of the environment by participating in gardening, recycling and STEM activities.  We are in our ninth year of PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System), this program fosters good character and behavior. Students are recognized and rewarded throughout the year as a part of the PBIS initiative.   As we prepare students for the 21st century, opportunities are provided for students to engage in computer programming lessons/activities as a part of a collaborative effort between the College of Charleston and Google. In addition, several students go beyond what is required and challenge themselves by participating in statewide, local, and district competitions; MESAS (Middle and Elementary School Association of Science),QUEST and Storm the Citadel (Trebuchet/Bridge Building). Student artwork is being recognized at local art galleries.  Students at St. Stephen Middle are becoming leaders and preparing for the future as they demonstrate their knowledge, communication, and technology skills in their everyday lives.   

    Most of all, we value and realize the importance of having our parents, staff, students, and community as committed stakeholders in the vision and goals of St. Stephen Middle. We embrace the future with excitement, knowing that we are preparing our students to become world class leaders.