• front of cane bay high

    Cane Bay Plantation is home to Cane Bay Elementary, Cane Bay Middle and Cane Bay High schools.

    Cane Bay High School helps all students develop world class skills as well as the life and career characteristics of the Profile of the Graduate by demonstrating high levels of achievement in academics, the arts, athletics and service. It is our mission to provide educational opportunities in a safe, supportive environment. Our commitment to creating college and career ready graduates is evidenced by our students’ success. The Class of 2019 earned $11,774,944 in scholarships. We had 322 students awarded the Palmetto Fellows, Life and Hope Scholarships. We had 12 athletes earn college scholarships to play at the next level. Our graduation rate was 89.3%.

    Cane Bay continues to lead the district in course offerings. We offer more CTE and AP Programs than most schools in the tri-county area. We also offer Intermediate Manufacturing with automaker, Volvo, as a partner. We are currently the proud home of academy partnerships with McElveen (Business & Marketing), Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union (Banking), Berkeley County Sherriff's Office (Law Enforcement) and our new partnership with Roper St. Francis Hospital (Health Science and Biomedical.) We look forward to continuing these relationships and building new partnerships within the community.

    We are proud of what is taking place at Cane Bay High School. We have seen our students move in a positive direction as the curriculum has been adjusted and activities have been added to ensure that all of the Cane Bay High School students receive a world class education. With the continued assistance of a student-centered educational community, excellent parent support, and a District Office that puts children first, we will continue to ensure that the students of Cane Bay High School receive the best educational opportunities in the state.