• Mount Holly Elementary

    Mount Holly Elementary School serves students from PK through 5th grade in a warm, safe learning environment.  We strive for students to explore, discover, and develop their talents in order to embody 21st century work and life skills that exemplify that of a South Carolina Graduate.   These skills enable our students to become productive and contributing members of the school environment and community at large.  Recognized by SC ASCD as a Whole Child award-winning school, we nurture relationships and a sense of community where students’ individual needs are met at the social, emotional, physical, and academic levels.  A supportive staff along with rigorous curriculum standards allow students to progress utilizing a myriad of systems of intervention in order to experience success along the way.

    This year, Mount Holly Elementary was recertified as a Leader in Me Lighthouse School.  This international recognition substantiates our belief that students and staff members can be leaders that succeed now and in the future.  Students submit applications and engage in key leadership roles within the school that include Welcome Wagon, News Anchors, Greeters, Book Buddies, and Class Ambassadors.  These leadership roles are created by students and staff as needs arise within the building. The Student Lighthouse Team serves an integral function in cultivating a positive school climate.  Selected by peers, the team meets regularly to discuss ideas for improving the school, to provide feedback, to implement service learning projects, and to plan celebrations for school-wide goals.  The Leader in Me model fosters a sense of intrinsic motivation within each student to succeed academically and to demonstrate skills required for life-long success.  The habits learned through the Leader in Me model directly align with the knowledge, skills, and characteristics outlined in the BCSD Work and Life Skills, 21st Century Skills, and the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.  Students learn, apply, and internalize aptitudes to be proactive, to begin with the end in mind, to put first things first, to think win-win, to seek first to understand and to synergize.

    Leader in Me habits are examined during LEAD time and infused in the curriculum throughout the school day.  Students are encouraged to involve their families with the habits at home and to infuse the habits into their lives outside of school. Within professional learning communities and leadership action teams, Mount Holly staff members work to enrich and enhance student learning and school culture through authentic learning experiences. Students utilize Leadership Notebooks to track academic and personal goals, as well as to personalize learning.  Goals are set and tracked at the individual student, class, grade, and school levels.  Once goals are achieved, we take time to celebrate our success in order to create a cadence of accountability.  MHE students showcase their skills and talents during our annual MHE Leadership Day, as well as other school-sponsored events such as STEM night and our Science Fair.  We believe that all students have unique talents and gifts that are developed and showcased throughout the year. 

    Critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and technology proficiency are vital work and life skills that we address.  Students have access to a digital device in accordance with our district’s 1:1 initiative which allows us to individualize instruction and even implement e-learning.  Our Maker’s Space is available for students to demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills in order to solve real problems.  To further enhance experiences, students have used Google Expeditions to virtually explore and interact with locations around the world.  MHE annually participates in the Hour of Code and encourages students to use technology as a tool for innovation.

    To address all student needs, we have additional supports in place for students, both academically and social/emotionally.  There are five additional certified teachers that provide research-based reading intervention.  We have two ESOL teachers on staff, along with a full time school counselor.  In addition, MHE has partnered with Communities in Schools, a nationally recognized organization that supports students and families by empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.  We also partner with organizations such as the Lowcountry Food Bank to provide programs such as Backpack Buddies, a community pantry, and even community-wide fresh produce distribution events.  In collaboration with Berkeley Community Mental Health, we also offer individual and family mental health services at Mount Holly Elementary.

    Students benefit from a strong support system around them to ensure that they are prepared for their roles as future leaders.  MHE has created a community-oriented learning environment that works in unison with our families, business partners, and the community at-large to prepare our students for a successful future.

    Believe. Lead. Succeed.