• front of macedonia middle

    Macedonia Middle School continues to ensure the development of the unique potential of each student as a lifelong learner through a comprehensive and challenging educational program that embraces the best of traditional and innovative practices within a caring, supportive and safe community of learners. We are a high-performing middle school that integrates academic achievement with strong parental support, students’ needs and interests, and community involvement.

    Macedonia has continued to advance its level of academic achievement and cultivate strong community relationships. As always, learning remains our top priority as reflected in our SCREADY, SCPASS and EOC scores. Academic excellence will always be Macedonia Middle‘s focus. Our tradition of excellence has been reaffirmed each year through numerous awards and accolades.

    Our faculty and staff work in partnership with community members, parents, and businesses to provide students with opportunities to learn and succeed. We continue to convert our library into a 21st century collaborative learning center. With the help of a Google grant, we now have a Z-Space lab for our students to engage in learning with Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality.

    Maintaining and improving our excellent educational program will continue to be MMS’s primary focus. Our school is helping students develop world-class skills and life and career characteristics of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate by offering students the opportunity to engage in real world learning scenarios and rigorous instructional initiatives to prepare them for college and the workplace. We have continued to meet the needs of individual students through the expansion of numerous school initiatives. These initiatives include FOXFLEX, STEAM lessons, The Gifted/Talented Program, Study Island, and the continued full implementation of our 1:1 technology.

    Macedonia Middle School uses real world research activities and performance tasks in all subject areas to help equip students with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information. Students are exposed to STEM skills through Z-Space, science labs and the Trebuchet club.

    Macedonia Middle School’s teachers continue to grow professionally, with a large number of our teachers sharing innovative programs at a variety of workshops and conferences. Faculty and staff also participate in Professional Learning Communities as well as participating in our monthly “Tech Challenges”, affording them on-site professional development opportunities from their peers for the benefit of all students. Core teachers team up with the curriculum coach, technology coach, and media specialist to create learning opportunities that help students develop communication, media, and technology skills.

    Macedonia Middle will continue to ensure our students have a safe learning environment focusing on the 4 C’s (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity) provide as many opportunities as possible in STEAM, and meet the characteristics of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. Faculty and staff will be involved in extensive staff development as we continue our tradition of “Excellence in Education.”