As mandated by the 1984 Education Improvement Act and act 135, Westview Primary has an active School Improvement council whose members include parents, teachers and administrators.  Our SIC meets monthly to review school policy, examine results from test administrations, to hear concerns from teachers and parents, and to work together to come up with possible solutions.  

    We typically hold elections during the month of September for all of those who might be interested in serving our school!


    WVP School Improvement Council

    Chairperson – Sara McGowan

    Heather Byrd, Kali Coaxum,

    Bonnie Ellis, Roda Farley,

    Melanie Hofstrom, Amy Ilgenfritz, Jessea James, Amy Jolley,

    Heather Maczko, Melodie Noon, Sarahann Powell, Jennifer Redman,

    Aidra Shaw, Tiekka Smalls