General Info

  • All public school students, grades three through eight, are encouraged to participate in the SC READY/PASS assessment, except those who qualify to participate in the Alternate Assessment for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

    No preparation on your part is required for this, except to encourage your child to have a good night’s sleep and to have a good breakfast.  NO VIRTUAL LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES WILL BE OFFERED ON TESTING DAYS unless otherwise informed by your teacher.

    During testing students may not be in possession of any electronic device(s), this includes any types of smart watches.  Students are not permitted to wear pajamas or bring blankets and pillows.  These are regular school days and should be taken seriously.

    It is very important for your child to be present, and not tardy, on testing days. Please avoid scheduling doctor appointments and other out of school functions during this testing period. Testing will take place during the regular school day. Testing will begin promptly at 8:30am on the testing dates listed below.


    The SC Dept. of Education provided the following press release on 3/29/2021:   If parents believe that it is unsafe for their child to attend school in person to take assessments, the SCDE and school districts will not require them to test and there will be no penalty to the student, teacher, school, district or state level due to the lack of a student score.

    If you choose to NOT have your child come in and test, please write a note or message to your child’s teacher. If no note or message is received, then we will expect your child to test each day that correlates to their grade level in the chart above.

    For those Blended Learners that DO come in to test, please feed your child breakfast BEFORE being dropped off at the front office at exactly 8:00 am EACH morning of testing.  DO not be late and have your Chromebook charged at 100% along with your mask!!!!  No power cords or charging stations will be available during testing.  Testing is not timed therefore we have no idea how long it will take…usually about two+ hours.  Your child’s teacher will message you when they are done and ready for pick-up.  Please have someone on standby to come get them from the school.

    Please reach out to your child’s teacher or school testing coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.

SC READY / PASS Testing Dates