About Berkeley County School District

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    At Berkeley County School District, our students are more than data points.  Our teachers are encouraged to personalize learning and innovate in the classroom as they prepare our children for their life after school. We are unleashing the power and potential of education. Our vision is to create a future where we dare to imagine --  and make a positive difference.

    While we understand the role of standardized testing, such mandated tests will not be the only way children in Berkeley County are measured.

    With innovative learning practices, our children are soaring in the classroom and benefiting from new opportunities offered through the Arts, STEAM, multiage classrooms and competency-based grading. Berkeley County School District is breaking out of the traditional mold.

    ALL SCHOOLS have dedicated and innovative coaches, specialists and coordinators working hand-in-hand with teachers in classrooms, and 20 percent of our students are served by the gifted and talented education program. While we don’t want to dwell on test scores – it should be known that our students score higher than the state average in science, social studies, biology, reading, writing, algebra and English.

    In addition to classroom innovation, we believe every student in our school district having a chromebook plays a role in the success of our students.

    At Berkeley County School District we aren’t teaching to the test. We are preparing our students with valuable work and life skills. Every day our students are challenged in ways to help them learn what they need to be successful. From adaptability and critical thinking to resilience and collaboration -- our students are getting what they need for college, the work force, the military or whatever finds them after graduation.

    Fast Facts

    • With approximiately 37,000 students, Berkeley County School District is the fourth-largest school district in South Carolina
    • There are nine public high schools in Berkeley County
    • BCSD graduation rate is 82.6 percent (higher than the state average)
    • More than 600 students complete Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs
    • BCSD is Common Sense Media Certified
    • There are more than 3,000 smart classrooms in our district
    • ALL BCSD schools are exploring personalized learning
    • 87 percent of students in grades 3-8 show average or above average growth in ELA
    • 93 percent of students with disabilities in grades 3-8 show average or above average growth in ELA
    • 80 percent of students with disabilities in grades 3-8 show average or above average growth in math
    • Nearly 53 percent of English learners are making progress towards English proficiency (higher than the state average)

    BCSD Class Size Ratios

    Berkeley County School District is dedicated to providing the best experience possible for the children of Berkeley County. With that in mind, our district has set and works hard to maintain class size ratios lower than state-set maximums.

    BCSD Traditional class size ratios

    • CERDEP - 20
    • K5 - 24
    • 1st - 18
    • 2nd - 21
    • 3rd-8th - 25