Important Information

    • All medication forms and procedure forms must be completed annually and on file in the nurses office.
    • Every student must have a current immunization form on file along with a current Tdap (all students entering the 7th grade).
    • Please inform the school if your child has a medical issue that we should be aware of.
    • Please help us stress the importance of good hand-washing and covering your cough.

BCSD Plan for Managing Severe Allergies and Anaphylaxis in the School Setting

  • Rev. 7/2014

    The incidence of severe allergic reactions has been rising at an alarming rate, especially with regards to food. Food allergies induce 30%-50% of anaphylaxis cases. Therefore, it is the position of Berkeley County School District to provide a safe and effective management of allergies and anaphylaxis in the school setting. The registered professional school nurse is the leader in a comprehensive management approach which includes planning and coordination of care, educating staff, providing a safe environment, and ensuring prompt emergency response should exposure to a life-threatening allergen occur. Each school in Berkeley County will have in stock non-patient specific epinephrine with a physician standing order for the school nurse and other certified non-licensed individuals to administer epinephrine in life-threatening situations in the school setting. BCSD has a clear concise all inclusive policy in place to address the management of allergies in the school setting that is reviewed annually. This policy is consistent with federal and state laws, nurse practice standards, and established safe practices in accordance with evidence based information and include development of a developmentally appropriate Individual Healthcare Plan and Emergency Care Plan.

Wash Hands

The "Wash Hands" video teaches children the proper technique for washing hands and why it's important to keep them clean. "Wash Hands" is a three-minute collaboration between S.C. DHEC and S.C. Educational Television. This original song was written and performed by Columbia-based singer/songwriter Danielle Howle, and it stresses this effective method of slowing the spread of colds, flu and other illnesses.