Our Promise

  • The vision of Bowen’s Corner Elementary School comprehensive school counseling program is for all students to persist and strive towards academic, career and personal goals. With the support of parental involvement, business partnerships, cultural awareness, collaborative interventions, all students will be a part of a safe, welcoming, and trusting school community. Students will communicate and share ideas with respect for self and others. Through student driven learning experiences, critical thinking skills, equitable access and use of technology, all BCE students are empowered to become future life-long leaders and learners in the 21st century workforce. Bowen’s Corner students are adaptable, creative, determined, empathetic advocates prepared to create a future we dare to imagine.

  • Counsel. Advocate. Educate. Empower.

    What does a school counselor do? We work alongside teachers and parents to help students develop socially and emotionally, and to help remove any barriers they have to learning.

    At Bowen's Corner, each child in grades K5-5 receive classroom guidance every two weeks for 45 minutes. All students receive a comprehensive guidance program in the areas of academic, career, and social/emotional development. Each month there is a new LIFESKILL introduced to students. Lessons focus on the LIFESKILL for that month.


    Monthly LIFESKILLS

    September-Respect-"Respect is treating others in a courteous, considerate, and polite manner."

    October- Responsibility-"Being responsible means doing your part to help others and yourself."

    November-Citizenship-"Being a good citizen means doing your share to make your school and community better."

    December-Generosity-"Generosity is sharing what you have with others."

    January-Self-Discipline-"Self-Discipline is setting long-range goals and achieving them."

    February-Kindness and Caring-"Caring is feeling and showing concern for others."

    March-Perseverance-"Perseverance is to keep at it."

    April-Honesty and Integrity-"Honesty is being trustworthy and reliable." "Integrity is doing what one knows is right."

    May-Fairness and Cooperation- "Cooperation is working together toward a common goal."


    Small Groups

    Throughout the school year, students are able to participate small groups. These groups help with social and academic success for our students. Small groups teaches students to:

    • discuss their concerns with you
    • gain self-confidence and awareness of leadership skills
    • develop positive skills for working and playing with others
    • accept responsibility for school work and homework
    • identify areas for personal growth and improvement

    If you are interested in having your child participate in a small group, please email killough@bcsdschools.net or call 843-572-5567.