• Welcome to Whitesville Elementary Montessori

    We have two Montessori classes:
        Primary Montessori is 3K/4K/5K with a certified teacher and an assistant. 
        Lower Elementary is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades with a certified teacher and an assistant. 
    Students will have assistance transitioning to 4th grade when that time comes.


    • Must live in the Whitesville Elementary attendance zone to register and attend the program   
    • Must attend an Awareness Session (usually happens late February/March) to receive a registration packet and Montessori information   
    • All completed registrations turned in by the due date will be separated into age/grade groups and entered into the lottery drawing for the available spaces for that upcoming year 
    • Families will be notified if the student is accepted in the program or if they are placed on the waiting list for that year
    • Once your child is accepted into the program, they do not need to re-enroll for future years.
    • Registrations start new each school year, so if your child did not get accepted into the program, you would need to enroll again for each school year

     Miscellaneous (more detailed information is included in the enrollment packet):

    • The program will run traditional school hours and students are expected to be in regular attendance for the full day
    • Students enrolled in the 3K & 4K classes have tuition due by Tuesday of each week and must be kept current to remain in the program
    • All students must be 100% potty trained
    • Parents are encouraged to make a long-term commitment to the program and agree to observe instruction a minimum of one hour per year
    • Students enrolled in the 3K & 4K are not eligible to attend the Whitesville Elementary Before School/After School Care program
    • Three-year olds will not be offered transportation
    • Students will be allowed to buy breakfast and lunch or may bring meals from home
    • The school will provide statements for tax information
    • Sibling Clause - Families who are in good standing in the Montessori program (i.e. attendance, tuition, attendance zone, behavior, etc.) may be eligible for the sibling clause if space is available
    • Have a signed photography agreement