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    All of our students are enrolled in WIN Courseware to give them the opportunity to prepare for the WIN Test they will take during their 3rd year in HS. Testing for our current 3rd year HS students is coming up on April 1st, 2020.  We would like to integrate this into our math, ELA, CTE, and SpEd classrooms, but it can also be used as bellwork and/or early finishers.  

    Students will be able to login with their BCSD emails and their district issued password (000*****) at the following site: https://www.wincrsystem.com/DashBoard/Index or by clicking the link above.  Please encourage your students to practice as much as possible. If you would like Dr. Bradley to come to your class to show students how to login, please let her know. 

    Ready to Work Courseware & Assessments

    • Applied Mathematics
    • Applied Reading
      • Reading for Information
      • Locating Information (this is the hardest for students)
    • Soft Skills (builds skills mastery around the behavioral, attitudinal, social, and readiness skills employers demand)

    *Third-Year HS students take the assessment at HHS on April 1st, 2020.

    Credential: earned from three assessments listed above and must earn a silver (encourage students to work in gold level, but aspire for silver). Credentials are set to the lowest score, so a score of silver, silver, and bronze will result in a bronze level. Students can retake the following year (senior year) to earn a silver, if they didn’t score so during their junior year (highest score will be stored).

    *Silvers and above are what gets reported on the State Report Card.

    Let’s work together to prepare and empower all of our students for success!


    Click Here for WIN Parent Guide Brochure