• College and Career Readiness for HHS Class of 2020

    A student is deemed “college-ready” if the student met one of the following criteria:

    • Scores a composite score of 20 or higher on the ACT composite;
    • Scores a composite score of 1020 or higher on the SAT composite;
    • Scores a 3 or higher on an Advanced Placement (AP) exam;
    • Scores a 4 or higher on any International Baccalaureate (IB) assessment. Only higher learning (HL) exams may count; or
    • Completes at least six (6) credit hours in dual enrollment courses with a grade of C or higher. See guidance for a list of approved courses. 

    A student is deemed “career-ready” if the student met one of the following criteria:

    • Is a CTE completer and earns a national industry credential or a state industry credential as determined by the business community (list here); or
    • Earns a Silver, Gold or Platinum National Career Readiness Certificate on the WorkKeys exam or Silver, Gold or Platinum Credential on the WIN Ready to Work Career Assessment; or
    • Earns a scale score of 31 or higher on the ASVAB; or
    • Successfully completes a state-approved work-based learning exit evaluation from an employer. The work-based learning program must include:
      • Training agreement which defines a combination of objectives and a minimum of 40 practical experience hours or the highest number of hours required by industry defined competencies in a career pathway;
      • Be aligned with state IGP career clusters;
      • Include an industry evaluation that is created from the training agreement, which includes the world-class skills from the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate;
    • The student must have earned a minimum of one unit in the pathway related to the workbased placement or completed a personal pathway of study.