•  Sangaree Middle School is a proud BCSD 1:1 school. Each student at SRM has a Dell Chromebook and charger checked out to them at the start of the school year. Chromebooks distributed by the District Office of Technology are for educational purposes only. 

    Sangaree Middle School students are reminded of their responsibility to bring their charged Chromebook devices to school every day. It is the school's policy that only students whose device is away for repair at the Office of Technology may utilize Library computers.

    Berkeley County Schools believes the online safety of our students is of the utmost importance. We know it can be difficult to keep up with eyerthing that is going on in your students' digital life. Find up-to-date online safety tips and useful parenting apps here: 

    Online Safety Tips

    DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP: In connection with BCSD's One Berkeley Connect initiative, Berkeley Middle students completed a Digital Citizenship program through Common Sense Media. The Common Sense Media Curriculum for Digital Citizenship is a free online resource and is necessary to guide students toward responsible and safe navigation of digital media. Each lesson is age appropriate and supports a cross curricular framework that addresses topics such as privacy and security, digital footprint, creative credit and copyright, online identity, communication, information literacy, internet safety, and cyberbullying. Each grade in a grade band has 5 lessons, as well as an unit assessment.

    To learn more about Digital Citizenship, visit Common Sense Media.

    Common Sense Media