• Elections for the Hanahan High School Band Boosters will be held on April 12 at 5:00 pm in the Hanahan High School Band Room.

    There are 3 open executive board positions that will be voted on: President, Vice President and Secretary.

    If you have questions, are interested in any of these positions or would like to nominate someone, please contact a member of the HHS Band Boosters nominating committee:

    Kathleen Susol                      kathleen.susol@blackbaud.com

    Darcie Clark                          darcielynnclarck@gmail.com

    Jennifer Gossett                    jwg6896@gmail.com

    Position descriptions are listed below:


    Preside at all meetings

    Spokesperson for the organization

    Maintain regular communication with band director about all relevant topics

    Be a signer on the booster club bank account

    Resolve problems in the membership when/if problems have failed to be solved by section parents or other leadership

    Serve as coordinator for section parents, including designating tasks for them to do with their specific instrument section

    Delegate other tasks, when necessary, to the appropriate Executive Board officer or coordinator

    Perform any other duties as outlined in the bylaws


    Preside at meetings in the absence of President

    Perform administrative functions delegated by the President

    Serve as Project Manager for all fundraising endeavors, including establishing fundraiser calendar, entering into agreements with fundraiser companies, arranging for distribution of sales brochures, flyers, etc, and arranging for distribution of sold items upon completion of each project.

    Be responsible for the “kickoff” of each project, announcing it to the band students and explaining specifics, timeline, and percentage of funds they earn for their own accounts.

    Supervise the creation and maintenance of “project notebooks” for standard operations and procedures for each fundraiser project. Notebooks should include timelines for each sale, contact information for each company, and procedures for running each project that can be consulted yearly to maintain consistency.


    Maintain the records of the minutes from all meetings of executive board as well as full membership

    Record all business transacted at each meeting

    Serve as the “rules and regulations” manager for all meetings, as pertains to the policies and procedures of the organization as stated in the bylaws

    Supervise and maintain the social media presence for the band (Facebook page), including answering questions posted there or referring them to the proper person. The Secretary will post regular announcements on social media regarding upcoming performances, reminders of due dates, and any other relevant information that should be disseminated to band families. Other leadership and/or coordinators should contact the Secretary with information they wish to have published through the band’s social media.

    Each executive board member serves a 2 year term and must be approved through the Berkeley County School District volunteer system and provide 3 written references.