The goal of OneBerkeley Connects, a one-to-one digital learning initiative, is to support every student in their educational journey by providing them with a digital device to be used both at school and at home. Berkeley County School District provides relevant 21st century tools that will empower all students for success. The infusion of technology in teaching and learning ignites a passion for innovation, personal growth, and promotes the pursuit of world class knowledge and skills as outlined in the Profile of a South Carolina Graduate.

    Hanahan High School students will receive their devices after Labor Day in the fall of 2019.

    Parents must complete a required 1:1 Agreement for students to receive a BCSD Chromebook.  This form is available on the DISTRICT and SCHOOL website under the Heading on the left titled DISTRICT SITE SHORTCUTS.  Click on the link labeled 1:1 User Agreement for Chromebook Take-home Initiative. 

    Parents, by signing this online form:

    • Acknowledge that the mobile device issued to the student is the property of and monitored by the Berkeley County School District (BCSD).  

    • Agree that all BCSD devices will be monitored and may be subject to further inspection at the discretion of the school administrator.

    • Acknowledge that students must complete the digital citizenship curriculum prior to participating in the take-home initiative and are responsible at all times for the care and appropriate use of the issued device.  Students must comply with all BCSD policies and guidelines including the Acceptable Use Policy.

    • Agree to pay Damage Fees.  Damage fees will be imposed for accidental damages beyond the first incident and damages found to be intentional in nature (screen $50.00, system board $50.00, keyboard/palm rest $30.00, cleaning fee for defacing property $20.00).  Other fees may be assessed when warranted. Failure to pay fees may result in loss of eligibility to participate in school events or programs.  Replacement fees for accessories will be charged (charger $17.00, protective cases $25.00).  Students must report any damages of a BCSD issued device to their respective teacher immediately.

    • Acknowledge that lost or stolen devices will be reported to the teacher and require a police report to be filed with the School Resource Officer (SRO).

    • Agree to meet the expectations that Devices must remain in the protective case at all times.  That Students must bring the BCSD issued device, fully charged to school each day and may be given alternate assignments if the device is left at home.  That Students must report any incidents of inappropriate usage or electronic communications transmitted while using their BCSD issued device to school personnel.  That Identifying labels on the BCSD device, including asset numbers and serial numbers, must not be removed.  That Students should not deface, damage, or otherwise alter the condition of the BCSD issued device and its related accessories. This includes, but is not limited to, changing configuration, marking, and placing stickers on the device.  That Students must return the BCSD issued device and charger to the issuing school at the end of each school year or prior to transferring to another school in or out of the district.

    • Agree that they have received and carefully read the terms of this agreement. That they understand and acknowledge that if their child does not honor all the terms in this agreement, take-home access may be denied or restricted. They understand their child will be subject to disciplinary action at the school level, and he/she may be asked to surrender his/her BCSD issued device.

    Parent University is no longer required, The 2018 OneBerkeley Connects Video is available  (HERE

    Device Specifications - Dell Chromebook 11

     Image result for dell chromebook 11 photo


    Please note, returning part of the charger will result in being charged the full replacement amount - both pieces must be turned inThe replacement cost for chargers is $17.00. 

    Students will also be charged for the loss of and damaged/defaced covers.  Covers must be returned without any markings, stickers, or other defacement, otherwise a replacement cost will be charged. The replacement cost for covers is $25.00. 

    Other Fees May Be Assessed Including (But Not Limited to the Following):





    System Board


    Keyboard/Palm Rest




    Cleaning Fee for Defacing Device


    Replacement Charger with Cord


    Total Replacement


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