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    Hi. My name is Chrissy Pfeiffer (pie’-fur). Welcome. If you are reading this, you want to know more about me or about the classes that I teach. This is my 20th year of teaching. Yes, I know that I still look 25. It is unbelievable. The first thing you should know about me is that I think flattery is extremely charming. Just kidding. Not really.

    I love teaching. I love teaching middle school. I love my job. I love adolescents. If you want to see if I am qualified to teach, please click on “Meet the Teacher”. I come to work every day hoping that something I do or say will affect you in a positive way. I love to laugh, and I am naturally curious. I care deeply about people. ALL people. I do not care if you are rich or poor, yellow or purple, hyperactive or calm. You are an individual and I will like you just the way you are. There is only one of you and I feel it my job to help you to be the best you that can be.

    I believe in a problem-based approach to learning. I also believe in grit and perseverance. If you do not know what those things are, you will soon learn. Former students have said that I am strict but fair. 

    I am an artist, a mathematician, a scientist, and a problem solver. I am naturally logical; I see 234,038 ways to solve a problem. I am intuitive and creative. Sometimes, I am insecure, and I am not perfect. I make mistakes and I fix them. I do not dwell on my mistakes or yours.

    I love love love music. I have my favorites; Paul Simon, Outkast, Alabama, Oakridge Boys, Jane’s Addiction, Ramones, Bob Dylan, Beastie Boys, Eminem, The Grateful Dead, Talking Heads, MJ, Beck, Prince, Willie Nelson, Taj Mahal, Herbie Hancock, Buena Vista Social Club, David Bowie, Maggie Rogers, Andrew Bird, and on and on.  I have some fly mom moves to accompany those songs and you will often see me breaking them out while teaching.

    I look forward to meeting you.

    Please contact me via e-mail.


    Mrs. Pfeiffer (e before i)