Safety & Security

  • The safety and security of our students and staff is - and will continue to be - our highest priority.

    Each year BCSD plans and executes several large-scale crisis simulations. Those events are made possible by partnerships with local and national law enforcement. The goal -- to give teachers and administrators hands-on training in the area of Safety and Security.
Director of Safety and Security, Tim Knight
Brian Fenton
  • Brian Fenton
    Safety and Security Investigator
    Office: (843) 899-8364
    Fax: (843) 899-8685
Joseph Dickman

Summer SRO Training

Department Highlights

  • • BCSD hosted a large-scale, multi-agency active shooter exercise; the largest of its kind in over a decade.

    • The district’s first-ever, full-scale parent/student reunification drill was held. The Office of Safety and Security was expanded with the addition of an investigator and training officer.

    • Security improvements were implemented at Fishburne Educational Center.

    • Through grant funding, BCSD law enforcement radio coverage was improved and expanded.

    • Emergency/crisis response tabletop exercises were conducted with Berkeley County Emergency Preparedness and other government agencies.

    • BCSD again planned and hosted an active shooter/gunfire demonstration for administrators and teachers with the help of local law enforcement agencies.

News & Info

Looking Forward

  • • The Office of Safety and Security hopes to increase engagement with student leadership teams.

    • With the addition of a safety/security trainer to the team, the office will provide more training opportunities to all BCSD employees.

    • The Office of Safety and Security is working to plan more events, activities and trainings to engage parents and community members.

    • As BCSD is currently in the spotlight for state and national school security efforts, the team is working to maintain that status while constantly improving its efforts to keep schools safe.