Common Sense Media  

    Timberland High School's vision for digital citizenship is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to access the cyber world safely, intellectually, ethically, and to be competitive in the 21stcentury global society.

    Timberland High School students will continue to use the lessons provided through the Common Sense media site.  This information brings awareness to online safety as well as teaches appropriate online behavior in order to keep our students safe with the 1:1 Chromebook device implementation.  In addition, the community will know that Timberland High School is deliberately instilling in students the skills necessary to be successful in a 21st century technologically driven world.

    The Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship curriculum has brought awareness to students regarding online safety, cyber-bullying, plagiarism, and copyright.  It resolved the misconception regarding online predators and what their stereotypical characteristics may be.  Parents, caregivers, and teachers have a better understanding of the online obstacles and barriers students may face.  The student culture has changed to a culture in which students are more proactive when it comes to cyber-bullying and their interactions with information as well as with individuals that they may encounter online.