• Welcome to Sangaree Elementary!

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Sangaree Elementary School! It is going to be the best year YET!!


    Sangaree Elementary has been serving the Summerville community since 1979. When it originally opened, it served children in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Now, Sangaree has approximately 670 students in PreKindergarten through Second Grade. Teachers work diligently to incorporate the 4 C’s (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication) into learning, in order to prepare students for the 21st Century. Through the integration of technology, the use of research based reading models, and quality character education, Sangaree is producing STAR students at every level! Every day is at STARtastic day at Sangaree Elementary School!


    Sangaree By the Numbers:

    51 Certified Teachers

    45  Staff Members

    30 1:1 Classrooms (iPads or Chromebooks) **All K-2 classrooms are 1:1**

    3 National Board Certified Teachers

    2 Guidance Counselors

    670 STARtastic Students