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    We will update our Questions and Answers section each week.  We will post your questions and provide answers as soon as possible.  Some questions can be answered quickly and some will need district or even School Board consideration before they can be answered.  In addition, the answers, to some questions, will be dependent upon having a firm idea on the number of students that will be enrolled at Philip Simmons High School.

    You may email your questions to:
     Dr. Spencer, Principal at spencerj@bcsdschools.net or Cathy Chiasson, Head Secretary, at chiassonc@bcsdschools.net

    Questions and Answers:

    Academic Questions:

    Question: What STEAM opportunities will be offered; not just the CTE areas but the application aspects such as co-op or apprenticeship, or how students get the experience aspect?

    Answer: Most of our CTE Programs will have the opportunity for real-life learning experiences in a particular program with co-op or work-study experiences.  This typically occurs in the fourth year of being in a program.  Other STEAM opportunities will be available, as a result of Extra-Curricular opportunities, like Robotics.


    Question: Will the advanced curriculum focus on Honors programs, AP programs, IB programs?

    Answer: PSHS will have Honors and AP Classes.  It is too early to list the AP classes at this time, but we would like to have as many as our allocation will allow.


    Question: Will a curriculum with Honors and A.P classes provide College credit to most Universities?

    Answer: Individual universities establish their own policies and protocols with respect to providing college credits for AP classes in high school.  With this said, most universities offer college credit if the student scores a minimum of 3 on a grading scale of 1-5 on the AP examination at the conclusion of the course.  In addition, we will be looking forward to hosting courses with an affiliation with Trident Technical College, which would offer college credit as well (this would not start until our first class becomes seniors).


    Question: Will JROTC be available?

    Answer: Yes, as of now we don’t know what service affiliation we will have.


    Question: Will students engage in STEAM in core classes? What training will teachers receive?

     Answer: Teachers will receive Project-Based Learning training through the Buck Institute and the Charleston Chamber of Commerce. Students will have the opportunity to engage in STEAM experiences outside of CTE and extra-curricular activities through PBL. 

     Question:  What type of laptop will our students receive?

    Answer:  The decision regarding the laptops that will be used in all high schools in the Berkeley County School District has not been made at this time.
    Question:  Can we use our own laptop?
    Answer:   School issued laptops will be required these computers will be able to log onto our District's network.  Connecting to the District's network will be necessary for instruction.  Personal Computers will not be able to access the District's network.
    Question:  How will colleges consider a Philip Simmons High School graduate compared to other established schools?
    Answer:   The curriculum and course offerings of Philip Simmons High School include the level of the rigor and the variety of course offerings that meet the state of South Carolina graduation requirements and expectations for South Carolina public college admissions as indicated by the Commission on Higher Education.
    Question: If my child is recommended for a class that is at a level lower than I would like, can he/she move to a higher level?
    Answer:   Parents will be able to request an override for placement into a high level class.

    Athletic Questions:

    Question: What sports teams will be offered the first year?

    Answer:  Philip Simmons High School will open with the following sports in 2017-2018. 


    Junior Varsity Sports: The J.V. sports in 2017-2018 will be: Football, Wrestling, and Boys and Girls soccer.  Varsity teams in these sports will begin in 2018-2019.

    Varsity: Baseball, Softball, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Cross-Country, and, Tennis (JV teams will also be developed in these sports if the numbers warrant).

    We are still exploring the options of Swimming and Golf.  One of the consideration for these two sports is the availability of local facilities.

     Question: Which region of the South Carolina High School League will Phillip Simmons be joining?

    Answer:  We are currently petitioning to join AA Region VI.


     Question: Will PSHS have a Lacrosse team?

    Answer:    Not at this time. 


    Extra-Curricular Questions:

    Question:  Will there be a marching band the first year?

    Answer: Yes


    Logistical Questions:

    Question: What grade level will PSHS open with?

    Answer:  PSHS will open with 9th and 10th grade only.

     Question:  Will 11th and 12th grade students have the option of coming to PSHS?

    Answer: No, only 9th and 10th grade students will be able to attend the first school year.  Upperclassmen will stay at the schools that they are zoned for attending.


    Question:  Will we need to register our children?

    Answer:  Yes, we will provide more detail in the future to guide you through our registration process. 


    Question: Will buses be servicing Daniel Island?

    Answer: Yes

    Question: Will students have to walk in and out of the building to move between classes?

    Answer:  The school's buildings are all connected by an interior contiguous hallway, so student movement is under one roof.