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    The first grade students at Philip Simmons Elementary STEAM School have been learning about Sea Turtles and other local natural resources for our fall STEAM project. Each class has designed its own unique Sea Turtle conservation T-shirt! The students are in the process of designing and building a fun run and obstacle course to mimic the journey of Sea Turtle hatchlings from their nests to the ocean. PSE will host its first annual Turtle Trek on October 21, 2016. Parents will be invited to come and participate in this endurance building fun run and obstacle course race. The shirts will arrive in time for the event. The cost is $20 and the sales window will close next Friday!  Parents will pay online and all profits go to the Sea Turtle Hospital at the aquarium. Shirts will arrive by October 20.  We will send home t-shirts with those kids who have the shirt sent to the school, or parents can pay extra to have them sent to their homes.