BCSD Capstone Experience Description        


    The Capstone Experience is designed to build a digital portfolio for 9th through 12th graders in all secondary schools while providing these students meaningful experiences to help them  become college and career ready.  Throughout the experience, teachers will be given the  opportunity to prepare students for fulfilling the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate which was released by TransformSC, SCASA Superintendent’s Roundtable and the SC Chamber of Commerce.                    

    Throughout the Capstone Experience, students will be able to build their skills and characteristics as outlined in The Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. A few examples of experiences that will help students enhance these skills and characteristics will be through using critical thinking and problem solving skills through project-based learning opportunities.  Students will also be able to build their life and career characteristics within  themselves by practicing and displaying integrity and self-direction when completing the job shadowing requirement among many of the other requirements and opportunities provided through this four-year course.                       

    Students will be able to keep a running track of their experiences over their 4 years in high school through the use of an electronic portfolio that will follow them to college.  STEM Premier will be used currently to house all electronic portfolios for all students.  At the end of their high school careers, students who have completed their Capstone Experience will be able to either take their portfolio to their choice college or field of work.                      

    While this experience is not required for all students, those who do complete the experience with all of the requirements met by the         end of their senior year will receive an extra Carnegie unit on their transcript. This will be an excellent opportunity for students to create meaningful and lifelong learning experiences that will foster their development as a South Carolina graduate and contributing citizen to our society.