• Students in some courses are required to take End of Course (EOC) exams.  These exams are administered near the end of the semester and comprise 20% of a students grade for the course.


    Fall 2019 EOCEP Dates

        • Window is December 3rd – 5th (Writing)
          • December 4th - English I and II Writing
    • Make-Ups will be December 5th for English I and II Writing 
        • Window is December 9th – 20th 
          • December 10th - US History EOC
          • December 11th - Biology I EOC
          • December 12th - English I and II EOCs
          • December 13th - Algebra EOC
    • Makes-Ups for ALL EOC Exams will be December 17th-20th 

    If you have any questions regarding End of Course exams contact Dr. Bradley at 843-820-3710.


    See specific information for some courses with EOC exams by clicking the below links: