• Methods of Two-Way Communication

    • Email: Teacher email addresses can be found under Faculty & Staff tab on the navigation button on our website. Teachers check their email daily (usually before school, during their planning period, and after school.)
    • Telephone: The CHS phone number is 843-899-8900. You can leave a message for a teacher to contact you when he/she becomes available. If it is a time-sensitive matter, please leave a message with the office staff. Teachers cannot accept phone calls during instruction. They can call after school or during planning periods. It is VITAL that the school has a current phone number or method of reaching you for emergencies.

    Other Methods of Communication

    • Blackboard Connect: CHS sends phone calls using Blackboard Connect to faculty, staff, and parents to inform everyone of upcoming important events or schedule changes. The phone calls are sent to the home phone number supplied by parents when they register their students.
    • CHS School Marquee: Our marquee alerts parents to upcoming events or holidays. It is located at the front of the school.
    • School Report Card: Our school report card is written yearly to show test scores and inform parents and community members of the progress CHS is making.