Kim Glaze
    Administrative Assistant for Deputy Superintendent
    Fax 843-899-8780
  • Welcome to the Berkeley County School District’s Deputy Superintendent’s Office!

    The Office of the Deputy Superintendent is committed to supporting student achievement by providing support to the Office of Transportation, the Office of Communications and Community Engagement, and the Office of Safety and Security.
    Berkeley County School District's Deputy Superintendent's Office is committed to supporting the educational mission of the Berkeley County School District by providing safe and orderly schools that insure a positive and caring learning environment.
    Areas of Focus:
    • We will partner with stakeholders to build advocacy for our students, families, schools and district to promote transparency and provide accurate information.
    • Develop and implement a strategic communication plan that will guide all communication efforts.
    • Communicate information regularly about new construction, renovations, capital projects and the development of a ten-year building plan.
    • Partner with stakeholders to support student success.
    • Provide timely and accurate information using a broad range of two-way communication methods to support awareness and advocacy for BCSD.
    • Engage the community consistently and regularly by sharing information about district successes, opportunities, recognitions and events.
    • Support and inform parents and guardians about district and community resources.
    • Provide the safest and most efficient transportation to the students of Berkeley County School District every day.