Academics & Innovation

  • Personalized Learning State FrameworkBerkeley County School District’s Division of Academics and Innovation is committed to providing a future-focused vision on education through next-generation learning. We are dedicated to ensuring that all students are college, career and life-ready when they graduate from BCSD by incorporating approaches that are rooted in rigorous college and career-ready outcomes and that integrate the following:

    • Personalized Learning- Approaches that individualize learning for each student based on their individual strengths.
    • Competency-Based Learning- Approaches that allow students to advance along a learning continuum based on mastery.
    • Deeper-Learning- Approaches that enable the 4 Cs- critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.
    • Blended Learning- Approaches that employ multiple methods of content delivery through the infusion of technology to enable flexibility in time, place, path, and pace.
    • Student-Centered Learning- Approaches that enable students to have voice and choice over their learning.

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