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    About BCA

    Berkeley Center for the Arts (BCA) is Berkeley County School District’s secondary level fine arts magnet program. BCA provides students with rigorous and advanced-level courses in a chosen fine arts discipline through studio classes.  Successful completion of BCA requirements affords students the ability to earn a SC Fine Arts Seal of Distinction and exposure to the top arts programs at major colleges and universities across the nation.   

    The Berkeley Center for the Arts program of study is designed to provide students with options that will allow them to refine their skills in a chosen fine arts discipline. Majors are offered in seven disciplines: Creative Writing, Dance, Strings, Visual Arts, Voice/Choral Performance, Theatre, and Wind and Percussion. In addition to the South Carolina graduation requirements, BCA students are required to complete at least 6 courses in their arts major and complete a senior capstone project.

    Where is Berkeley Center for the Arts located?

    The Berkeley Center for the Arts is Berkeley County School District's first arts magnet program established at the secondary level. It is housed on the campus of Goose Creek High School.

    Application and Audition Procedure

    BCA is open to all rising 9th grade students in Berkeley County School District. (APPLY THROUGH MARCH 3, 2023) These students should be gifted in one of our seven disciplines (theatre, visual arts, creative writing, dance, voice/choral performance, strings, and winds & percussion). BCA also accepts students in their sophomore year on a case by case basis. Sophomore students must be recommended by their teacher and successfully complete the application process.

    Students interested in attending BCA must first complete the online application and submit it by the designated deadline. Students will be contacted to schedule an audition.  Audition requirements vary for each discipline. Students will be scored based on a rubric. Acceptance or rejection letters are mailed no later than May 1.   

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