Applying for Scholarships
    *Although most scholarships are for seniors, get a HEAD START
    *Start researching scholarships NOW
    *See procedures below for requesting transcripts, recommendations, and test scores to be mailed with each scholarship application
    *We only recommend FREE scholarship resources; there should be no cost to the student
    1. The Counseling Department will gladly assist you with processing scholarship applications as needed.  Please note the criteria for the majority of scholarships have been determined by outside organizations and colleges.  All scholarships that comes to the BMC guidance office will be posted on the school’s website and emailed to each senior.
    2. MS. SCOGGINS NEEDS TIME TO PROCESS YOUR APPLICATION AND RETURN IT TO YOU TO MAIL. Please pay attention to application deadlines. Submit to Ms. Scoggins at least 1 week prior the deadline for processing. Do not wait until the last minute.
    3. Completely and carefully fill in all information requested. Use blue or black ink only.
    4. Complete a transcript card request form, in the front office for a copy of your transcript, test scores, and teacher/counselor recommendations to be sent with every application.