•  Join Us for Our 2017-18
    School Improvement Council Meetings
    Click HERE to read our School Renewal Plan
    On Campus at TTC-B in the office conference room at 3:30 p.m.
    All Students, Parents, and Community Members are WELCOME

    Thursday, September 7
    Thursday, October 5
    Thursday,  November 2
    Thursday, December 7
    Thursday, February 1
    Thursday, April 6
    Thursday, May 3

    School Improvement Council Members
     Parent: Sherri Scoggins
    Parent: TBD
    Student: TBD
    Student: TBD
    Teacher: Corinne Page
    Teacher: Jonathan Golden
    Community Member: Marshall Connor, Trident Technical College
    Community Member: Antonio Robinson, Upward Bound
    Community Member: Sonya Addison-Stewart, BCSD
    Ex-Officio Member: Claire Freeman, Principal
    Ex-Officio Member: Melissa Stowasser, Trident Technical College