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    Graduation will be Saturday, June 1st 2019 - 6:00pm


    Required Dress Code for Graduation


    Young Men:  The dress for graduation will be a white dress shirt, tie, black dress slacks, socks and black dress shoes for males. 

    Young Ladies:  A dress or skirt and blouse and black dress shoes are appropriate for females.  If ladies choose to wear pants they MUST be Black dress pants.  Jeans, head gear, flip-flops, beach shoes, tennis shoes, exposed midriffs, halter tops, and t-shirts are not acceptable.


    Class of 2019 Cost Sheet (will be posted soon)

    Seniors and Parents: Senior year can be very expensive, so we have come up with a sheet outlining some important items available for purchase this year.  Not all of the items listed below are mandatory, so please read carefully.  *Note that these costs are APPROXIMATE and all dates are TENTATIVE.  The prices of the following items may change due to special circumstances (i.e. late fees, any packages or upgrades you may decide to purchase, etc.)


    Note:  Most of the costs listed are ESTIMATES.  Senior Dues are a ONE TIME fee of $110.  BCSD will be renting the North Charleston Coliseum for graduation for all six Berkeley County High Schools and the Sr. Dues amount reflects the cost to for renting the facility for CBHS.  The primary benefit of renting the coliseum is there will be no guest limit for friends and family who wish to view the graduation ceremony.