• A Message from Dr. Dawn Smith, Principal   Dawn Smith
    Berkeley County Middle College High School

    These are exciting times in the Berkeley County School District, and our students are ready for the new challenge and the wonderful opportunity that the Middle College provides for them to learn and achieve at the highest possible level. 
    In the report, College Ready, commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we are reminded that “A high school diploma was once a ticket to the American Dream: a steady job that could launch a career, support a family, and raise a family’s living standard. Times have changed. In today’s world, a college diploma has become as important as a high school diploma used to be…higher education—whether a two- or four-year college, a technical school, or a certificate program---has emerged as the critical path to opportunity for students and the avenue to achieve their dreams.”  It is our joy to be able to help our students begin the transition into higher education and the realization of their hopes and dreams for the future.
    I'm really excited to work with the staff, students, parents, and Berkeley Middle College Community.  It is imperative that we provide our students with every opportunity and present all options to ensure future success, and I am committed to working with the BCMC students and parents to identify college and career pathways that will satisfy each individual student's talents and serve their best interest.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to be part of such an innovative and progressive program in Berkeley County!
    Our teaching staff is one of the most talented and dedicated that I've ever had the pleasure to work with.  I know I speak for each of them when I say that we are incredibly proud of the efforts of each of our students, who hail from our district's seven comprehensive high schools and who had to undergo a rigorous application process, including a personal interview.  
    Come visit us sometime. Our main office number is 843-899-8111, and we would be pleased to show members community members and prospective students and their parents around anytime. I may be reached through email at smithdaw@bcsdschools.net
    In addition to the school principal, our School Leadership Team includes:
     Scoggins  Sherri Scoggins, Director of Guidance (scoggins@bcsdschools.net)

    Jonathan Golden

     Jonathan Golden, ELA (goldenj@bcsdschools.net)
     Sheila Amerson  Sheila Amerson, Math (amersons@bcsdschools.net)
     Corinne Page  Corinne Page, Science (pagec@bcsdschools.net)


    Parker Taie, Social Studies (taiep@bcsdschools.net)
    Brenda  Brenda Lewellyn, Head Secretary/Bookkeeper (lewellyn@bcsdschools.net)


     Sheila Campbell, Instructional Assistant 
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