• The CBH Leadership Team's works in a professional learning community for the purpose of school improvement. This group of faculty leaders meet monthly to examine school data, evaluate school programs, and develop programs to enhance or improve student achievement and school culture.

    The following are the 2019-2020 Leadership Team:

    Tim McDowell - Principal

    Cynthia McBride - Admin.

    Kelli Farless - Admin.

    Tiffany Brown - Admin.

    Taylor Bradley - Admin.

    Adrian Busch - Admin.

    Nicholas Snyder - Admin.

    Angela Mills - Academy Coach and Resource Specialist

    Patricia Weeg - Guidance Director

    Samantha Roscigno - English Dept. Chair

    Regina Owens - Math Dept. Chair

    Rae Goude - SS Dept. Chair

    Amanda Duncan - Science Dept. Chair

    Melanie Dukes - Media Specialist

    Ashley Barnes - Special Education Dept. Chair

    Suzann Blanchard and Natalie Moultrie - CTE Dept. Chair

    Kristen Hobbs - PE Dept. Chair

    Col. Swilling - JROTC Chair

    Brita Swenson - Foreign Language Dept. Chair

    William Bennett - Fine Arts Dept. Chair

    Sally Howell - Secretary

    Rebecka Russo - Cafeteria