• Howe Hall AIMS
    Student Ambassadors 
  • The Howe Hall AIMS Chameleon Student Ambassador program is a voluntary program for fourth and fifth graders in which students have the opportunity to demonstrate and enhance their leadership skills.  Throughout the year, the Student Ambassador committee will organize, plan and carry out many school projects.  Chameleon Ambassadors will meet approximately once per month to review upcoming events or programs and determine their role as leaders. The Chameleon Ambassadors will welcome new students, conduct school tours and will host special school programs.

    In order to be a Chameleon Ambassador, students must possess organizational skills, public speaking skills, and be motivated to change their school community in a positive manner.  Chameleon Student Ambassadors serve as role models for other students and community.

    The criteria for selection is:  

    • Good disciplinary record 
    • Teacher Recommendation 
    • An interest in participating in the program  
    • Parent permission 
    • Role model for peers


AIMS Ambassadors 2017