• Sangaree Intermediate School is creating students that fit the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. Our students develop world class skills, life and career characteristics because we provide innovative programs based on current research. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded education for each one of our students.

    We are proud of our strong history of academic success. Teachers continue to learn new and effective strategies to help their students learn to their full potential. The goal of continued growth applies to both our students and teachers.

     With the increased emphasis in technology, our school has added over one hundred digital learning devices in our classrooms this year. Many of our teachers have had technology training in Google Classroom and attended various trainings throughout the year focusing on integrating technology into their instruction. Our students participated in Maker Spaces and Google Club, both which were offered during and after school.  Through Title 1 funding, we  hired a Technology Coach who assisted  teachers in implementing technology into their daily lessons. Our students also participated in their first LEGO Robotics competition and made us proud!

     Our students and staff were awarded $500 as a MUSC’s Boeing Center for Children’s Wellness Winner. We were recognized for being in the top three schools in Berkeley County.  Many healthy practices continued outside of the school day for students and staff. We continued the Sangaree Intermediate Family Fitness Night. Also, we have added additional eco-friendly water fountains, where students fill up their water bottles throughout the day. Our students enjoyed going to the Action Based Learning Lab each week to exercise, reinforce learning and hear helpful tips about nutrition. Even the cafeteria staff got involved! Taste tests of various fruits and vegetables were implemented during lunch in an effort to expose the children to less popular fruits and vegetables! Water was also given to all of our students at lunch.

     The ‘3 R’ Character Education Program highlighted students being respectful, responsible and ready to learn.  A student from each classroom was recognized each month as a Patriot Pick.  A student from each grade level was selected as the grade level Student of the Month.  A yard sign was placed in the front yard of their home and their pictures were displayed on our Facebook page.  The Chick-Fil-A Core Essentials program was taught through our guidance department with a character word highlighted each month. 

    We continued to provide a strong emphasis in the arts. We provided an assembly program with Storyteller Tim Lowry and  had a visit by author,  Cyd Moore.  Other highlights this year included: Honor Roll Movies, Come Read with Me, Career Day, Chorus Concerts, Performing Arts Plays, Holiday Caroling,  Spelling Bee, Newspaper Club, and The Principal’s Multiplication Bee.  

     We offered a family night each semester.  In the fall, we had Bilo Math Night at our local Bilo grocery store. Families worked real-world math problems together, then were treated to an Italian dinner and a math board game to play at home. In the spring, all of our students researched a historical character and we had “Bring History Back to Life” a living history museum.  Each student dressed up as the historical figure they had researched and they gave a short presentation on their character when a penny was dropped into their cup.  All money raised at this event was donated to Relay for Life.

    We fostered student leadership through Student Council, Patriot Pals and National Elementary Honor Society. The Watch D.O.G.s (Dads of Great Students) Program provided over 20 male role models in our school this year. We were elated to have these fathers in our building to partner with students and staff at SRI.   Journey Church also provided monthly mentors for our students in the  Lunch Buddies Programs.

    Sangaree Intermediate School continues to be an exciting place to learn as we build a legacy of success!