• Welcome to 4th grade EAGLE!

    BBE is a Leader In Me school.  Leader In Me is a philosophy and practice of helping students to find and develop their strengths so they can be confident in their own learning and leadership abilities.

    In our 4th grade EAGLE class, we will journey across the world in our studies.

    Our first quarter studies will include the following:

          Reading:  Weslandia and Sign of the Beaver

          Word Study:  Latin and Greek stems & affixes (a.k.a. prefixes, and suffixes)

          Writing:  Personal Narratives (including grammar and mechanics of writing)

          Math:  Place Value, more complex addition & subtraction, and beginning of multiplication

         Science:  Sound, Light, and Color

          Social Studies:  Early Native Americans and 5 major regional/cultural groups; and Age of Exploration to the Americas.