• New Student Registration

    Students enter kindergarten in the Berkeley County School District if they attain the age of five on or before September 1 of the applicable year. Students may not enter first grade in the schools of Berkeley County unless they will attain the age of six on or before September 1 of the applicable school year or have substantially initiated a first grade program in another state that has a different attendance requirement than South Carolina. Students entering the Berkeley County School District must have their certificates of immunization. Those students who are transferred from another district will be allowed thirty (30) days to have their immunization records complete.


    1. Meet Immunization Requirements.
    2. Complete the registration form. 
    3. The following information should be taken to school for enrollment:

    • completed Registration form
    • birth certificate of student
    • two proofs of residency with street address-utility bill, rental agreement, etc.
    • school records from previous school if available
    • special education records, if applicable
    • SC Immunization form and health records
    • proof of guardianship if student lives with someone other than parent