• Lt. Col. Glenn Swilling and Sgt. Paul Brown, Co- Sponsors




    One of the extracurricular activities AFJROTC programs sponsor is model rocketry.  Model rocketry is the designing, building, and flying of small rockets that are made of paper, plastic, balsa wood, and other lightweight material.  Model rockets constructed in this manner are approved for use by AFJROTC cadets.  Model rocket engines are solid propellant engines made by commercial manufacturers intended for use in model rockets of the construction indicated.  These “safe” engines are ready for use and are the only ones AFJROTC is authorized to use.  We will not be mixing potentially dangerous chemical ingredients! 


    Cadets will meet one afternoon per week from about 3:00 pm  until 4:00 pm and will be under the supervision of an instructor during that time.  This activity will only last six to eight weeks or until successful launches are completed.