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    • ELA 8 Course Description: 
    The 8th grade language arts course involves use of language mechanics, grammar, reading and comprehension through multifarious literature, and writing assignments through a variety of genres. Each student will be required to read assigned novels in the classroom as well as outside reading assignments. There will be ongoing and culminating activities that will involve each reading. Active class participation, writing assignments, and projects are an integral part of the curriculum. 
    •  English I Honors Course Description:
    This class is an honors-level high school course for academically gifted 8th grade students.  At the successful completion of the course, students will earn 1 unit of credit; therefore, the coursework will reflect more rigor than other middle school English courses.  Standards based instruction focuses on improving reading, writing, research, and listening, and speaking skills. 

    The state of South Carolina requires that students take an end of course examination that counts 20% of the final grade.