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    Congratulations to Mrs. Aimee Chambers, CPE's teacher of the year!  

    Mrs. Chambers is from Quakertown, PA and has been teaching for 9 years. She has a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Special Education from Kutztown University. She has a master's degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from the University of South Carolina. She is a proud Navy wife with two very spoiled dogs .


    Mrs. Chambers currently teaches the ID Mild special needs students at CPE and works with one of the most amazing people she has ever met, Mrs. Dorothy Vaughan! She is the classroom assistant and they work hard every day to provide the best education for their students. In their classroom, they have built a community that stresses the importance of every voice.  Each student knows that they are a member of the class community and with that comes responsibilities. Daily, they reinforce the concept of supporting and depending on each other. As this classroom community has strengthened, their students have reaped the benefits of academic success and increased trust in their peers. Their students are willing to attempt work that they thought was too hard or take chances that seem scary because they are not afraid of failing. They know that their community will be there to support them!