• Report Cards

    The sole purpose of the report card is to convey helpful information about the child and his work from the teacher to the parents. Report cards are issued every nine weeks. Parents are encouraged to discuss the report card with their child and to stay in touch with their child’s teacher concerning the grades. Please sign and return report cards to the school the next day.
    Grading Policy 
    Kindergarten - 2nd Grade 
    The Primary Report Card uses a rubric approach with a 4, 3, 2, 1 scale. This approach allows teachers to communicate cumulative student progress at an identified point in time. Expectations for each academic area increase as the year progresses. This means that a child can receive a 3 during one marking period and then receive a 2 the next due to the rise in expectations each quarter and/or the change in skills taught. 

    4 Consistently and independently demonstrates a thorough understanding of the standard(s).
    3 Frequently demonstrates an understanding of the standard(s).
    2 Limited understanding of the standard(s). Area of concern
    1 Does not demonstrate understanding of the standard(s). Area of concern
    Kindergarten - 5th Grade Related Arts
    K-5 Related arts and work habits are reported by grades as follows:
    Needs Improvement
    3rd Grade - 8th Grade
    For the core academic subjects, numerical averages are reported as follows:
    Numerical Average
    Letter Grade
    90 - 100
    80 - 89
    70 - 79
    60 - 69
    Below 59 

    Academic Recognitions

    "A" Honor Roll – All A’s in academic subjects and S+’s in Special Areas "A-B" Honor Roll – All A’s & B’s in academic subjects and S’s or S+’s in Special Areas Principal’s List– 90 Average or above in all subject areas and S+’s in Special areas.