• Volunteer  

    HES is lucky to have so many parents, grandparents, and community members as volunteers at our school! 

    Thank you   

    Check out some of our volunteers at work in the  attached Power Point!


    Volunteer Coordinator: Beth Chubb

    The volunteer application is attached below.

    Volunteers assist with many things including:

    • Running papers for teachers

    • Helping with bulletin boards

    • Making games and other educational materials

    • Cutting out laminated materials for teachers

    • Organizing Wonderful Wednesday Folders

    • Reading with students

    • Serving as PTA Board members

    • Volunteering as a monitor during  standardized testing

    • Serving as a Room Representative for classrooms

    • Working at the HES Carnival as a shift worker

    • Contributing to a Basket for PTA Auction

    • Assisting with fund raising and reward programs for fund raising such as monitoring the Jump Castle for top sellers!

    • Providing one-on-one assistance to students

    • And many, many more things!