• Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an organization designed to help address the issues that are important to public schools. PTA builds bridges between homes and schools, integrating the efforts of parents with those of principals and teachers. When you get involved in PTA, the child who benefits the most is your own; you are taking a major step toward not only improving your child’s school and your community, but also your state and national education and health policies.

    The education of our students is important to us all. Therefore, it is our desire to partner with not only parents and teachers, but also business leaders, neighbors, and all family members. Don’t let time be your deterrent. Although we welcome your volunteerism, membership does not obligate you. If you would like to volunteer, we will contact you when opportunities become available.

    Your $5.00 monetary contribution toward membership means so much to the development of the school and students. Therefore, please consider joining. It would be an investment into your child’s educational growth.

    2015-2016 PTA BOARD MEMBERS

    Latoria Stevens, President

    Sheldon Jenkins, Vice-President


    Evonne Whaley, Treasurer

     Membership Chairperson