• The Purpose of the School Improvement Council is to assist with the development and monitoring of school improvement and innovation by:

    • Developing an annual school report to the parents and constituents of the school by February first of each year to provide information on the school's progress in meeting the school and district goals and objectives
    • Providing advice on the use of school incentive grant awards
    • Serving as a liaison between the school, school organizations, the community, and the local school board by collecting and disseminating information about school improvement
    • Providing other assistance that the principal may request as well as carrying out any other duties prescribed by the local school board



    School Improvement Council

     Shyvonne Alford/Secretary 

    Lorene Bradley/Principal

    Jasmine Allen    Cynthia Blanding

    Salley Britton    Lacrisa Darby    

    Lynne Dubay    Jametrice Glisson

    Donna Harvey    Ruth Jenkins

     Louis Mayrant    Denise McCay

    Karen Nesmith    Georgiann Rogers
    Lori Terrill    Roberta White
    Dr. Susan Gehlmann/District Office