• Student Activities/ Clubs/ Opportunities

    Co-Curricular Activities/Clubs

    Berkeley County Kids Who Care - Many classrooms participate each year in science projects.

    Berndt Book Bunch - Sponsor: Mrs. Berndt

    HES Chorus - Sponsor: Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Reardon

    Junior Achievement - Many HES Classes 

    Step Art Classes - Sponsor: Kathleen Hart


    Service Learning Activities (4th Grade)

    Flag Patrol - Sponsor: Mrs. Brady

    Library Helpers - Sponsors: Mrs. Berndt & Mrs. Horton

    Office Helpers: Sponsor: Mrs. Brady

    School Store - Sponsor: Miss Wiggins

    Student Council - Sponsors: Miss Keesee and Mrs. Mom

    WHES News Crew - Sponsor: Mrs. Shuffler & Mrs. Berndt

    Yearbook - Sponsors: Mrs. Burke & Mrs. German