• Purpose

    Legislative delegates implemented School Improvement Councils as a means of assuring that the influential voice of parents and community members were heard in the education of their children.

    At Westview Middle School, the School Improvement Council (SIC) serves an advisory committee to the principal. Its primary purpose is to assist the principal in the development and monitoring of school improvement and innovation. To date, Westview Middle School and its SIC have worked together collaboratively to establish the following innovations:

    (1.) Communications Plan

    (2.) Guidelines for teacher websites

    (3.) School - Literacy Plan

    (4.) Student Recognition Programs

    (5.) Systems of Extra Help

    As a result, parent satisfaction and student achievement have improved at Westview Middle School over the last three years.

    If you are interested in serving as a member, please contact the main office and give your name and telephone number or contact Mr. Phillip Crawford by email at crawfordp@bcsdschools.net