• Vision

    Empower all students for success.


      Core Values   Mission   Goals

    Student and Learning Emphasis

    •Focusing on quality teaching and learning with a priority on literacy for all students.

    Quality Faculty and Staff

    •Respecting the value of quality team members who make a difference in our school district.

    Teamwork and Partnerships

    •Developing and refining a team concept throughout the district that values the role of community engagement in meeting the needs of our students.

    Continuous Improvement

    •Focusing on becoming a great school system with the commitment of always striving to improve.

    Management by Fact and Focus on Results

    •Using reliable data as a basis for decision making that addresses the needs and expectations of our community.

    Social Responsibility

    •Promoting and maintaining ethical, professional, fiscal, and personal accountability.



    In partnership with our community, ignite in every student a passion for world-class knowledge and skills through dynamic instruction and personalized educational opportunities.


    Positive School Climate:  We will provide safe, orderly and healthy schools that insure a positive and caring learning environment.

    High Student Performance: We will realize high levels of academic growth and achievement for all students through an emphasis on literacy and STEMS based instruction.

    Community Engagement: We will build family, community, and business support that will generate advocacy for our schools and our school district.

    Strategic Human Resource Management: We will recruit, retain and develop quality teachers, administrators and staff.

    Fiscal Responsibility: We will be responsible stewards of our resources and insure that we provide a quality education for all students.

    Effective Communications: We will develop, refine, and implement an effective communications plan for our school system.