Contact Information

  • The School Counseling Department's purpose is to promote and enhance student learning by enabling students to develop their educational, personal/social, and career strengths to become productive citizens.

  • Office: 843.820.4031               Fax: 843.820.4005

    The School Counseling staff at Stratford High School look forward to assisting you and your student! Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever needed. Our individual email addresses can be accessed by clicking the person's name. To request to see an individual counselor, click on the link for that counselor. As always, we appreciate your support as we work to serve your students.

    During the school closure, school counselors will be checking email to keep up with student and family needs. Please reach out to your school counselor if you have any concerns or questions. The COVID-19 Resources page offers information about community, mental health, and academic support for your and your family.

  • Caseload:                           

    Students' last name A-Cl


    Students' last name Co-Gl


    Students' last name Go-Kn


    Students' last name Ko-N


    Students' last name O-Ri


    Students' last name Ro-So



    Students' last name Sp-Z