St. Stephen Middle provides students with an engaging abd challenging curriculum.  Coursework ranges from regualr to advance levels providing students with the opportunity to excel and be successful.  


     6th grade students 



    Our 6th grade students learn from four major units of study including:


    • Fungi and Plants (identify characteristics and parts)    
    • Animals (classification of vertebrate and invertebrate)
    • Our Atmosphere (including weather and solar energy)
    • Machines (including simple machines, magnets and motors, energy and motion)


    Our 7th graders also have four major units of study, with a focus on the human body. These units include:


    • Cells and Heredity
    • Ecology (including ecosystems, soil, conservation, environmental science)
    • Human Body Systems and Diseases (circulatory, digestive, muscular, skeletal systems)
    • Chemistry (properties of matter, chemical reactions)


    Our 8th grade students' focus of learning is on Earth and Space science. Their units include:


    • Astronomy (the Earth, tides, seasons, the Universe)
    • Geology (plate tectonics, rocks and minerals, continental drift)
    • Change Over Time
    • Motion and Energy (physics, ramps, light)


    Social Studies


    Our Social Studies department covers a wide variety of topics from the Pre-Historic era to the present. In 6th grade, students learn about World History events from the Stone Age up until the Age of Exploration in the 1500's. Seventh grade students pick up where they left off in 6th grade, covering World History events from the 1600's until the present. Our 8th grade students learn United States history with a focus on South Carolina. Their topics cover the Pre-Historic Native Americans all the way up to World War II.Social Studies


    St. Stephen Middle School offers the following classes for high school credit

    English I                             French I
    Algebra I                            Computer Credit (required for HS Graduation)