•                                                 Did you miss a call from us?
    Dial 1-855-4-REPLAY
    that's, 1-855-473-7529
    Here you can retrieve any messages sent from Berkeley County School District or St. Stephen Elementary School.
    When you call the Replay number, the system will play a welcome message and automatically detect the number you're calling from.  
    Press # to confirm the number is correct.
    If you are subscribed to multiple institutions (a high school and an elementary school in the same district, for example) the system will list the institutions with a corresponding number.  Use your phone to select an option.  
    Once you've selected an institution, the system will list out the most recent messages sent to that phone.  

    Use the keypad on your phone on select which message to replay.
    When you're done, simply hang up.

    NOTE:  The Replay number will only replay phone messages and will not repeat messages sent as SMS or email.  
    The Replay number will not work with phones that have caller ID blocked.